Our programs feature high technology, high interest, fun and challenging projects for students ages 3-15. The future needs flexible and creative thinkers, and our programs give them the tools to be active thinkers. Our programs allow students to make the connection between the concepts learned in class and how those concepts apply to the real-world.  Students will start with foundational skills and be challenged to use their critical thinking skills to solve a variety of real-world problems.

Our structured program is designed to expose students to the appropriate STEM/STEAM concepts and mediums for their level. We have 9 different levels in 5 phases for our students and conduct bi-annual reviews for each student. Students must complete the compulsory courses and at least one selective course before moving to the next level.

Foundation Courses:

  • Creative Math
  • Sparks STEAM

Specialized Courses:

  • Robotics & Coding
  • Machines & Mechanisms

Academic Booster Course:

  • Literacy
  • Brain Training